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            • Company culture

              Only imperfect products, no picky customers.No one will refuse your smile.

            • Company honour

              It is our greatest honor to gain the trust of our clients and continue to cooperate.

            • Company history

              From one person to a company , from a room to many factory. we have ability to do everything

            About Us

            Q 足球比分007 was established in 2015,mainly produce baby and children for USA market. And recenetly 2 years we begin to do different for adult, including sport , sublimation , 360 degree digital and so on. The material we mainly do combed cotton yarn, bamboo yarn , polyester yarn, modalyarn , metallic yarn and of course if you have any better idea we can do customized yarn for you .
            We are not a big company but we have complete set of equipment, the machine from 78 needle to 200 needle, also have terry machine and double cylinder circular hosiery machine.So even though you have special requirment for the we also can satisfied you .

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            • COTTON

              Cotton yarn is the yarn of cotton fiber via spinning process, and it is called cotton thread after processing.

            • SPANDEX

              Spandex is short for polyurethane and is an elastic fiber.

            • ELASTIC

              Elastic line and life for the rubber wire, rubber line, elastic thread,

            • NYLON

              Polyamide, commonly known as Nylon, is known as Polyamide (PA),

            From the News

            • 26/2
              Color Matching Method For Men
              If you want to be a fashionable man, there are enough eyebrows, eyebrows, corners and corners to wear. It's really important to match in winter.
            • 26/2
              How About Sleeping In In Winter?
              Some people say that wearing cold to sleep is very helpful for sleep, it can increase blood flow to the feet, and can transfer the heat from the core area of the body to the ends, so the body slightly cools down and induces drowsiness.
            • 16/10
              In August 2019, Cotton Imports Fell By 43%. W...
              According to customs statistics, in August 2019, China imported 90,000 tons of cotton, down 43.7% year-on-year and down 43.7% from the previous month. In July, China's cotton imports increased by 19.15% year-on-year and 3.84% quarter-on-quarter


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